SPECIALTY NEWS – Winter/Spring 2018

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Specialty Service Savings!

NOW is the time to book your Bottom Painting and Hull Cleaning:
15% off until March 16, 2018.

Call Duncan Matthews at 604-689-7491, ext 730 or 1-877-822-0359.


The Specialty Sales Team looks forward to seeing you this week at the Vancouver International Boat Show at Granville Island January 17 – 21, 2018 and the Seattle Boat Show at South Lake Union January 26 – February 3, 2018.


  *   NEW 2018 Coastal Craft 45 IPS Sedan
  *   2015 Coastal Craft 45 IPS Sedan
  *   NEW 2018 Marlow Hunter 31
  *   2012 Hunter 50AC


  *   NEW 2018 Coastal Craft 45 IPS Flybridge
  *   2018 Coastal Craft 45 IPS Flybridge
  *   2017 Marlow Pilot 37

Ask us for more details!


Well, now is the time!

Boaters love listing with us. Our high visibility busy office and moorage in the centre of Vancouver’s marine community are buzzing with buyers planning their 2018 boating adventures. Learn more about the benefits of listing with Specialty Yachts, and call us today for an evaluation at 604-689-7491 or toll-free,1-877-822-0359.


There’s still time to jump the queue! Call us today to discuss delivery dates at 604-689-7491 or toll-free at 1-877-822-0359.


  1.  Our expertise extends beyond boat sales and service. The Specialty Team is comprised of experienced yachtsmen, competitive sailors and certified skippers, not to mention being a dynamic, experienced, knowledgeable, international bunch. We are your SOURCE for all types of boating information. Meet Our Team.
  2.  Specialty Yachts is a one-stop service shop. We are exceptional project managers, top trouble-shooters and creative problem solvers.  We organize and facilitate all of our customers’ service needs. To discuss your requirements in more detail, please call and ask for Duncan Matthews or email duncan@specialty-yachts.com.
  3.  We offer year-round maintenance and care for your boat. Whether a one-time detailing or weekly cleaning and check-ins, at our docks or yours. Call Duncan today for more information at 604-689-7491, ext. 730.
  4.  We assess and address insurance claims, manage communications with the insurance companies and make all corrections so there is minimal impact to your boat’s resale value. Call Lawrence Fronczek to discuss at 604-689-7491, ext. 720 or toll-free at 1-877-822-0359.



Keeping your boat correctly moored is very important. Following are a few helpful tips that are sometimes overlooked:

  1. Invest in quality mooring lines. Estimate the lengths required for a bowline, two spring lines and a breastline. Keep extra line to a minimum to prevent trips and maintain tidy docks. Any extra line should always be coiled neatly on the mooring.
  2. Use as few lines as possible. This makes it easier (a) to assess STRONG key stationary points on your boat and (b) for others to make sense of your lines and help you moor.
  3. Consider the best tie for the circumstances, then make up a splice, use a bowline or a cleat hitch.
  4. If you are using non-dedicated moorage fittings to secure your boat, be sure to check them regularly for wear and tear.
  5. Whenever possible, attach the splice or bowline end on the jetty cleat. Securing this hard point on the jetty cleat makes it more difficult for your tie to be removed, particularly when sharing the cleat with others.
  6. Generally, fenders should hang just above the water. Fender covers, although not necessary, prevent marks on your boat. However, if you clean your fenders regularly marking shouldn’t be an issue.



Boaters are notorious for wanting everything to look neat, tidy and……..CLEAN! So why not keep ropes clean with the occasional wash?! Place one rope into a pillowcase or mesh bag and place in a top loading washing machine.

Try softening stiff ropes in a solution of fresh water and fabric softener. Let them soak overnight, rinse thoroughly and dry away from direct sunlight.

It's still winter!

While it has been a mild winter for some in the Pacific Northwest, there is still a chance of snow. A few reminders:

  1. Be sure to remove snow from canvas and decks in a timely manner. This will help prevent breakage and moisture ingress.
  2. Keep one engine compartment panel open so that hot air can flow through into the engine space.


Spring ahead with maintenance!

We know you’re as anxious as us for the Spring boating season.

For the sailors out there, just a reminder that as part of your preparations, it is important to drop your head sail and inspect all mounting, set and retaining screws to the top of the furler. This involves being hoisted in a bosun’s chair.

And there’s no time like the kick-off of boating season to tackle winch maintenance. Specialty Yachts provides all maintenance services and is happy to provide these services and more for you. Schedule an assessment today to earn your Specialty Service Seal of Excellence.

THE 2018 Hunter Rendezvous

The largest gathering of Hunter owners in North America is only a few months away. Please pass the word. Register now FOR THE 2018 Hunter Rendezvous, June 7 – 10 at Telegraph Harbour Marina on Thetis Island.


Learn more about our NEW Marlow Hunters and NEW Marlow Pilots.

Above left: Marlow Hunter 31. Above right: Marlow Pilot 37.


Now is the time to secure your boat for this year’s boating season, which is kicking off early.