Marine Service

A one-stop service shop. Dedicated year-round moorage to service all boat sizes; specialists and project managers who address and facilitate all maintenance, improvement and corrective requirements.

No worries, our team offers regular boat care to customers in the Greater Vancouver area. Whether a one-time detailing or weekly cleaning and check-ins, at our docks or yours, just let us know.

  • Realize the savings associated with the strengthening of the US dollar.
  • Specialty Yachts excels at project management.
  • Granville Island is a destination, attracting some 10.5 million visitors each year, to its art, culture, restaurants, shopping and area hotels. Play in the marine centre of the city while your boat is being serviced.

To secure your spot on the Specialty Service schedule, call Duncan Matthews, Service Coordinator, at 604 689 7491, ext 730/ 1 877 822 0359 or email